For over 35 years, I have helped clients resolve their divorce disputes. What I learned is that spouses and their families benefit from finding an amicable way to resolve disputes. A divorce may be the most difficult life experience couples have to overcome both personally and financially. A “divorce war” makes it worse and isn’t necessary in most cases. The problem is that often parties don’t fully understand other options beside litigation, which is why I am launching The Divorce Sherpa.

My goal is to educate people about alternative and highly successful processes that exist to resolve divorce and family law conflicts. My role as The Divorce Sherpa is to guide individuals every step of the way on the path to their new destination. That means helping them:

  • Determine if mediation or a collaborative process is appropriate for them
  • Craft a settlement that works best for their family and helps them move forward in their lives
  • Recommend financial and mental health experts trained to assist in the dispute resolution process
  • Avoid costly mistakes that often result from traditional litigation and divorce wars
  • Effectively address post-divorce issues involving children

Alternative dispute resolution isn’t right for everyone, but it can benefit couples who are willing to communicate and commit to an approach that facilitates settlement and compromise.

In the Himalayas, Sherpas help climbers get to the top of Mt. Everest by showing them the path to take and providing the tools and extra hands they need to succeed. I want to assist couples in taking the right path that gives them a positive divorce experience. Ultimately, I hope to make it easier for them and their children to heal and feel more confident in taking the next step in their lives.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me for a consultation today.