The Divorce Sherpa Blog: Matrimonial & Family Law

Divorce and other family law issues are very stressful for parents and children. Fortunately, there are alternatives to litigation which can help ease some of the anxiety and pain. Our goal for The Divorce Sherpa Blog is to help couples avoid costly mistakes and guide them every step of the way on the path to their new post-divorce life.

Individuals should understand that they do have choices. Divorce doesn’t have to mean an all or nothing battle. Amicable divorce is possible. Mediation and Collaborative Practice enable parties to have more control over the process and work out a solution themselves. Attorneys assist in multiple ways depending on which option the parties choose to resolve their disputes. Lawyers may give advice on the law, act as advocates, help negotiate and draft agreements, facilitate discussions, act as neutral mediators or be part of a team of advisors.

We want to end (or at least minimize) the culture of divorce wars. Parties should work together to craft a settlement that works best for their family and helps them move forward in their lives. Mediation and collaborative practice should be the norm, not the exception.

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