I recently heard a TV  commercial which went something like “make aging a CHOICE and not a CHALLENGE”!

  As an elder law Attorney/Mediator  my mission is to help  seniors avoid “aging challenges” which happen when we ignore our changing lifestyles and deny age -related limitations….

Being a PRO CHOICE SENIOR means saying YES  to –

                 *. Aging with an informed Attitude

                 *. Creating an Aging support system

                 *. Having ‘difficult conversations’ when necessary!   

I am available to support SENIORS and their families in creating CHOICES and in avoiding CHALLENGES for personal aging issues and in raising awareness about positive aging initiatives.

When clients and their family members take their first steps to deal with these difficult issues, a shared sense of relief comes into focus for everyone.

The first step in getting to this point requires a consultation to create the path that needs to be implemented. Basic legal protections like a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and a Living Will are always needed.

Other legal instruments such as a Revocable or Irrevocable trusts may be needed and will depend upon the circumstances of each CLIENT’S future which should include the steps to be taken in the event of incapacity. While these subjects are emotionally difficult for most CLIENT’S to discuss, they are the foundational issues for maintaining a preferred lifestyle, especially during our last 25 years.

Come on- give it a try- I invite each Baby Boomer and each family member of a Baby Boomer to take the first  step to becoming a PRO CHOICE SENIOR!

Call me- I’ll lead the way!!!