Empowering Clients

With our attorney / mediator services

We involve our clients directly in their process. Rather than take charge and set the agenda, we equip you with the tools you need to be an active participant in your matter. We always look for meaningful input from our clients to help the development of the best range of options for them through our attorney / mediator services.

Planning For The Future


Clients often seek our counsel in formulating their future arrangements for second marriages; special needs family members; and a myriad of other inheritance paradigms.  Our conflict resolution perspectives add additional value to our lifestyle and estate planning services.  We help our clients stay part of their solution rather than become part of a problem.

Helping the Boomer Generation Cross New Frontiers


The 21st century is presenting new challenges for the “Boomer Generation”, with more adults age 55+ than children under 18 comprising the U.S. population.

About our attorney and mediator services in New York

Clients benefit from Harriette’s three decades of training and legal practice:

Tempered by mature empathy and life experience when they face any of these uncharted frontiers:

  • Late life remarriage
  • Late life divorce
  • Family issues
  • Future needs of their adult special needs children
  • Family business disputes
  • Unresolved family rivalries
  • Will Disputes
  • Estate Conflicts
  • Guardianship Issues
  • Conflicts with Aging Parents
  • Caretaking Conflicts
  • Sibling Conflicts

In addition to traditional legal representation, I offer a proven alternate dispute resolution approach that yields quality outcomes not feasible through litigation.

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