A Client-Centered Focus

New York Based Family Law Attorney/Mediator

Our law firm is based in Westbury, Long Island, New York. After 35 years of practice, Harriette M. Steinberg has a wealth of experience as a New York Based Attorney/Mediator and a mature historical perspective to offer her clients. She approaches all matters with her client’s interests, goals, and involvement in mind. Her number one priority is to find what is most important to her clients and to take the steps that best suit their short and long-term objectives.

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Our Mission

Our firm is committed to providing economically reasonable legal services that are responsive to our client’s goals. As a New York Based Attorney/Mediator, we accept the challenges that change creates in our practice concentrations and we are dedicated to innovation in the delivery of our law and mediator services. We strongly support the development of a humanistic perspective in the contemporary practice of law.

During the course of her career, Harriette has been trained in alternative dispute resolution techniques including Mediation and Collaborative Practice. Harriette is committed to utilizing these emerging alternative dispute resolution processes as a new settlement approach in her law practice and is seeking to actively promote the benefits of these dynamic processes to her clients, colleagues and other referral sources.